Birthdays are the milestones by which we mark our life’s journey. From terrible two and sweet sixteen to fabulous forty and over the hill fifty, every birthday should be a special reminder of the past years achievements and the coming years dreams.

When a friend or loved one turns 50 it can often become a slippery slope. A 50th birthday is the milestone where people are either excited or depressed, which makes the gift giving aspect a little more difficult.

Don’t forget that when buying a gift for someone you should always take into consideration your relationship to that person and their own personal tastes and of course their feelings. A great gag gift for a friend may not be as welcome as one say for a sibling who is sensitive about their age.

Let’s start by considering these fun 50th birthday gift ideas: These gifts are for people who don’t mind letting the world know that they are turning 50 and are proud of it.

50 Isn’t Old… depressing, but not old” is a great shirt that pokes fun at the birthday guy or gal. It’s a great item to give for the person to wear on their birthday.

50? No, 49 and holding” mug lets everyone know about your milestone event.

Life is Nifty, After Fifty” license plate can be used either as a decoration or car ornament. It lets everyone know you are ok with your age, and that life only gets better as you age.

 Looking for something a little more tasteful and classy: These gifts still convey “Happy 50th” but in a more subtle way by acknowledging the birth year.

The 50th Birthday Deluxe Gift Package comes with a 1959 hard cover book (approx. 170 pages), a 1959 DVD and a 1959 Top Twenty Hits CD. Wouldn’t it be neat to learn through reading, viewing and listening all about the year you were born.

Need a gift for someone who has everything? I bet that don’t have this! The 50th Birthday Coin set makes a wonderful gift for those hard to shop for. It includes a dime, quarter, half dollar, penny and nickel all original (they have been circulated) from 1959. It’s like having your own little piece of 1959.

Throwing a 50th Birthday Party? Need some party supplies? It seems every time we go to the party supply store there are less and less items for upper age birthdays, which seems odd since people are living a lot longer these days. That is why we are happy to have the internet as a source for all our party supply needs. It’s not just plates and napkins anymore, but decorations like table centerpieces and confetti help round out the selection. And don’t forget a “50” candle set, perfect for wish making!

UPDATE: New 1960 themed items are available and instock! Just look here: 50th Birthday Gift Ideas