Looking to create that unforgettable 50th birthday party

Have you ever noticed that when people turn 50 they always have a theme party. There are the traditional “Over the Hill” parties with black balloons and tombstones and then there are the nostalgic juke box and records parties (as if the 1950’s were only about rockin and rollin), but what about celebrating the life of that person? Sometimes a strictly themed party can take away from the fun of celebrating that person’s life.

This is why we’ve decided to recommend a different kind of party idea, it may not be a new idea but we sure thought it was neat…

Consider buying 1959 themed items, this way you, your guest and the honoree can learn about the year in which they were born.

A great source is the What A Year It Was Book for 1959. This book will tell you everything you need to know that happened throughout the entire year of 1959. Did you know that Alaska and Hawaii both became states in 1959? Or that in 1959 a loaf of bread cost twenty cents?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower would like to announce the birth of your party’s honoree. With a Personalized Birthday Newspaper you not only get the news relevant to that month and year, but you get special recognition from the President, and not to mention other interesting facts and data that incorporate the person’s name into the print. This item not only makes a great gift but also can be used as a cool display item at the party.

1959’s music scene wasn’t all Elvis all the time. With the top twenty hits of 1959 CD you get a great cross section of all kinds of music. Who’s number one on the top twenty? Neil Sedaka with “Oh! Carol”.

The 1959 DVD makes a great companion piece to any of these items. It not only plays music from that year with still photography, but has news reel clips as well.

Things never stay the same and that is oh so true when it comes to candy from the 1950’s. Miss those sweet treats you used to run to the corner store for? Well now you can recapture all those sugary good memories with the 1950’s Candy Gift Box Sampler. Over 30 different kinds of candy from the 1950’s are included in this box!

Like this idea? Then translate it to your own party for any birth year!

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