Now that the seed of a great idea has been planted to host a themed bash, take a moment to consider one of the little extras… birthday party favors.

Party favors are all the rage at kids birthdays (remember those goody bags!), but when we get older they seem to all but disappear. Lately though, as more options become available more and more adult parties are giving “parting gifts” to those guests who come and share their time and memories. This is especially true when dealing with a themed event, or a milestone event.

We’ve seen people buy and spend anything on party favors. But approach it from this respect:

1) How many people are attending?

2) What is your budget?

3) Where is the event?

Say you have a larger event and a dwindling budget but still want that extra bit of swag for your guests, then you should consider a less expensive party favor. Having a smaller more intimate party with close family and friends, then maybe consider spending a little more. The location of the event should also make you think about what you would like to gift because size, weight and travel options to your party’s location can all impact or impede your decisions.

Now that you have started thinking about those boring important things lets get into the real fun of party favors… SHOPPING!

Let’s use our 1959 themed 50th Birthday Party asĀ our example.

1959 Trivia Magnets are a great party favor. These items are smaller, light weight, and are on the less expensive side. Best of all they are functional!

1959 Trivia Booklets are not only a helpful tool when planning your party, or as a decoration, but can be used as party favors too!

Relive those goody bag days of your youth. 1950’s Candy Sampler Baggies are a fun way of letting the inner kid out. Everyone loves candy and this nostalgic look back lets everyone take home a yummy treat!

1959: A Very Good Year Mugs are one of the ultimate parting gifts. This item which is often given as a gift, can also be used as a favor. Since these do cost more money, we would recommend either having a smaller party size and/or a larger budget party. As another consideration, buy a few mugs to use as table centerpieces and at the end of the event let whoever would like to take them home do so, or even have a raffle.

Always remember when ordering in bulk to ask if any special discounts apply. Some companies may or may not offer this service, but it never hurts to ask!