Looking for an affordable party favor, but still want to incorporate the theme of that special event? Now you can with mint party favors. These candy favors make great birthday party favors.

Who doesn’t love candy? Great for guests to enjoy at the party or take away with them, these individually wrapped candies make a great addition to any party! Not to mention they are a YUMMY butter-mint flavor!

Put them in a bowl, scatter them on tables, or put them in goody bags, any way you use them they will be worth it with about 50 candies per bag. These mints make great themed items because you can buy them to celebrate a specific milestone birthday, 30th birthday, 40th birthday or 50th birthday coming up? Different colored wrappers in the pack make the mints stand out, with large numbers indicating age as the design.  Looking for an older year? Also available are 60th birthday mints and 70th birthday mints.

Have a specific theme? Then try the Over the Hill Mints. These mints have funny sayings like: ‘Older Than Dirt’ and ‘Caution, Senior Moment’ on them. They are bound to bring a smile!

Make sure to order extras, because once you start eating these one is never enough!

UPDATE: Love the idea of year themed candy items as party favors, then consider buying candy items not according to it’s milestone theme, but it’s year theme. Check out the 1950’s Candy Sampler Box, the 1960’s Candy Sampler Box, the 1970’s Candy Sampler Box and the new 1980’s Candy Sampler Box. All boxes are 1.75 pounds of sugery goodness that will seem like a blast from the past when you starting munching away. Great to give as a gift, divide up as party favors, or to sprinkle on tables at a party.

Looking for a smaller sweet treat, either as a gift, or as  individual party favors? Then consider these retro candy bags. There is a 1950’s Candy Favor version, a 1960’s Candy Favor version and a 1970’s Candy Favor version. Each bag is about 8 oz. and contains a variety of candy from that time period. What a YUMMY treat!