Since 50 has become the new 30, 30th birthday parties have been pushed aside. This has been the trend, but things are changing. More and more people are celebrating turning 30.

We have noticed a marked increase in the sales of 30th birthday related items, and 30th birthday party supplies. Because 30 is making such a swift comeback it only means we can expect to see more products available to us, the consumers. But until you can find those great 30th birthday themed items at your local shops, the internet is still the perfect place to fill all your 30th birthday needs!

If you’ve read any of our other blog posts about milestone birthdays, you’ll see a trend. We strongly advocate the celebration of life! To do that we think a year theme always makes an interesting base for gift giving and party throwing ideas.

The 1979 Coin Set makes a neat gift. These real, circulated coins make a very unique gift. Give a gift that is a piece of the past.

Ever wonder what was happening around the time you were born? Odds are other people have this same curiosity, which is why the 1979 DVD of events is the perfect gift. Great for a birthday or an anniversary, even a reunion! Brings history back to life!

The use of year themes has really become popular. So consider the 1979 theme. Just like the DVD above, you can buy all kinds of 1979 themed items to make any party or gift truly complete. Consider the 1979 Trivia Booklet or the 1979 Time Passages Book.

Always a great choice is the 1979 CD. It has the top twenty popular hits of 1979. Set the mood or the scene for a party with this item, or give it as a gift. Can you sing along with any of these 1979 music hits? Better yet, can you dance to any of these songs?

The 1970’s weren’t that long ago, but lots of things from that time can no longer be found. Remember those candies you used to eat back in the day? Ever wonder why you can’t find it in the stores anymore? Well now you can have all those sweet treats you used to enjoy with the freshly made 1970’s Candy Sampler Box. Give as a gift or use at a party, this item is sure to please!

Want to have a little fun? Can your friend or family member handle a little humor at their expense? Then consider the Gag Gift Over The Hill Basket! It may seem like it says “Hey You’re Getting Old” but the recipient won’t mind when they see all the great gifts packed in this wonderful basket.