Have you ever noticed that the older people get the harder it is to find gifts for their birthday. Finding 30th birthday, 40th birthday, and 50th birthday themed gifts in stores is much easier than 60th birthday or 70th birthday gifts. That’s when you can turn to the internet and all its online shops to help you find the perfect 70th birthday present.  We’ve got all your 70th birthday party needs taken care of too! 

Know someone turning 70 this year? Stumped for great 70th birthday gift ideas? No worries! We’ve done some of the leg work and have these 70th birthday suggestions to make below. Throwing a 70th birthday party and need to find 70th party supplies and 70th decorations? We’ve got those for you as well!

Looking to honor the year that special person was born? Then consider purchasing 1940 themed items for a unique 70th birthday gift.  Popular 1940 items range from media, like the 70th Birthday Gift Idea: 1940 CD and the 70th Birthday Gift: 1940 DVD to the 70th Birthday Present: 1940 Birthday Mug. Want something more nostalgic, an actual piece of 1940 history? Then purchase this 70th Birthday Idea: 1940 Coins or the 70th Birthday Gift Idea: 1940 Stamp Art Print. The Coins are circulated, but have been polished, and comes in a decorative box that can be personalized. The 1940 themed Stamps are cancelled, but come matted and framed with 1940 trivia facts for each stamp.

Love the idea of gifting history? How about becoming a part of it? Now with personalized items you can make your birthday celebrant a part of history. How? Here’s how! Purchase either the 70th Birthday Idea: Personalized Birthday Newspaper or the 70th Birthday Gift: Personalized Day In History Print and have them made to order. Just include the name and full birth date and the rest is done for you. The Birthday Newspaper come on parchment paper and includes the President announcing their birth and other important and fun facts from the month and year they were born. The What Happened On This Day In History Print gives you a timeline of events that occurred on that specific date throughout history, with the birthday person’s birth noted on the appropriate year of birth. Both items make great conversation pieces and fun gifts that let you and your family learn about history together.

Want to make special reference to this being a 70th birthday gift. Take a look at this 70th Birthday Gift: 70th Birthday Frame. Put that special baby picture in it, or a picture from a 70th birthday party celebration to remember the occasion. Also consider this 70th Birthday Gift Idea: 70th Birthday Mug. Make turning 70 special. Give the ultimate 70th birthday gift when you give this 70th Birthday Gift Basket. This gift basket comes with a wonderful mix of 70th birthday themed items as well as 1940 themed items. All items come packaged together in a festive Happy Birthday Box.

Show your 70th Birthday pride by wearing one of these great 70th theme items! Consider the 70th Birthday Gag Gift Button or the 70th Birthday Party Favor: 70th Birthday Beads for the guest of honor. Also available are an assortment of shirts, like the 70th Birthday Shirt or this 70 T-Shirt. Need something for colder days, then buy the 70th Birthday Shirt: 70th Birthday Sweatshirt. Looking for a funny birthday gift idea? Consider a Funny Birthday Shirt! More fun 70th birthday gifts include this 70th Birthday Present: 70th Golf Balls or the 70th Birthday Idea: Nifty After 50 License Plate.

Are you throwing a 70th Birthday Party? Don’t have a clue where to start? The party stores are no help; they just don’t have what you NEED?! Then relax, we have found the best assortment of 70th Birthday Supplies. Ordering online from a one stop shop is easier than running around town looking for items that stores don’t stock. They have everything from 70th party invitations to 70 plates, to 70 napkins, to a 70th candle. Need 70th Birthday Decorations? 70th birthday centerpieces to 70th birthday balloons and 70th confetti are here! Capture those special birthday moments with this 70th Birthday Party Idea: 70th Birthday Camera. And don’t forget the 70th Birthday Music! This 1940 CD is the perfect addition to any party, and also makes a great 70th present too.