Do you know someone who will be celebrating a 100th birthday this year? Not to sound redundant, but here is a new, revised, more thorough up to date  100th birthday gift ideas post.

Turning 100 years old is the greatest milestone anyone can achieve! Celebrate this momentous occasion by throwing a party! Whether for 2 people, 20 or 100, a party atmosphere is a great way to show how much you love that person and appreciate all the years they’ve shared with you.

Want helpful ideas for throwing a 100th Birthday Party? Have you found that the party stores are no help; they just don’t have what you want, or even what you NEED?! Don’t worry; we have tracked down the best assortment of 100th Birthday Supplies. Best of all, when you order online from a one stop shop it is easier than running around town looking for items that stores don’t stock. We’ve found everything from 100th plates, to 100th napkins, to a 100th candle. Need 100th Birthday Decorations? 100th birthday centerpieces to 100th birthday balloons and 100th confetti are here! Capture those special birthday moments with this 100th Birthday Gift: 100th Birthday Camera. Want to display a photo at the party? Then consider displaying it in this 100th Birthday Idea: 100th Birthday Frame. Makes a great memento to take home as well for the birthday celebrant. Have more than one photo you want to show off? Then consider this 100th Birthday Gift Idea: 100th Birthday Photo Album. It holds 100 4″ x 6″ photos.

Now that you’ve got the party planning underway, you’ll need a great gift. Follow our 100th Birthday Gift Guide and you can’t go wrong! Looking for a unique gift that will be treasured and cherished? Then look at this 100th Birthday Idea: 100th Birthday Clock. This wood clock is engraved with birthday wishes and makes a smart addition to any room’s décor. Looks great on any table, mantle or desk. Another clever 100th birthday present is this 100th Birthday Gift: 100th Birthday Musical Sand Dollar. This real sand dollar in a gold stand has a tranquil design, including a birthday greeting, and plays a peaceful tune from yesteryear.

Celebrate their life by celebrating the day they were born. Make their birth a part of history when you purchase either one of these personalized prints. The 100th Birthday Gift: Birthday Newspaper is made for their date of birth and incorporates their full name into the newspaper text, with the President even announcing they were born! This framed print includes a variety of facts and trivia about that date. Also available is the 100th Birthday Present: Day In History Print. This print also lets you include the full name and a birth date, but instead of being about that specific day in history it is a timeline of events that occurred on that day of that month throughout history. On the 1910 line the person’s name and a message indicating they were born incorporates them into that part of history. There is also room at the bottom of this print to include your own personal message. Like the idea of giving a gift that can be personalized? Then consider this 100th Birthday Gift: Personalized 100th Birthday Clock. Just type in your own personal message and they include it on the bottom half of the 100th birthday clock face. Passing time never looked so good!

Looking for a gift that has more function than sentiment? Then we have several 100th birthday ideas to suit your needs. The 100th Birthday Gift Idea: Happy 100th Birthday Nightlight is still a festive gift, but also provides much needed night time light. The 100th Magnifying Ruler is small enough to keep handy for when you need to measure something, and also comes equipped with a magnifier to help with small print. The 100th Birthday Gift Idea: Bean Bag Lap Table is a helpful household item. Great for use anywhere you can sit or even in bed, it provides an extra flat surface for seniors to rest items. Does your gift recipient enjoy a morning cup of coffee or tea? Then consider the 100th Birthday Coffee Mug: Age 100 Mug. Great for hot or cold beverages, and for showing off the pride in their age.

Want to see the ultimate in 100th birthday gifts? Then take a look at this 100th Birthday Gift Basket. This Happy 100th Birthday Basket contains a great assortment of 1910 themed items, 100th birthday themed items and even useful items. Love the idea of 1910 themed gifts? Then consider these 100th birthday gift options. The 100th Birthday Booklet for 1910 gives you all the facts, figures and fun trivia from that year. The 100th Birthday Mug: 1910 Mug is a great item to celebrate turning 100 without saying they’re 100.