Have you ever noticed that asking someone’s age is just as bad as asking how much they weigh, it just isn’t done and isn’t polite. But getting older doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of humor. Finding humor in aging is a great way to be at peace with yourself. You can’t get any younger, so you might as well embrace getting older. However, age is still a very sensitive thing with some people, especially when hitting milestone birthdays. No woman wants to say she is 50 or 60, well unless she looks like a 30 or 40 year old, then she may be proud to say her age 😉

Here are some gag gift and Over the Hill gift suggestions for someone who is ok with getting another year older. It may be fun to tease someone who is sensitive about their age, but remember it is not so fun for them and money spent on a gag gift for someone like that will be money wasted. So, if you have a family member or friend who is not too sensitive and has found the humor in aging these Over the Hill Gag Gift ideas are perfect for you! Laughing may cause wrinkles, but it keeps the soul alive.

There are plenty of gag gifts related to aging, some tasteful and some not so tasteful. Over the Hill products and Older Than Dirt products make great gag gift themes. You can find decorations and party supplies to match as well as funny gift ideas. For example, the Over the Hill Afghan makes a cozy blanket for chilly nights, but it can also serve as a display piece on the sofa or hung on the wall. The Over the Hill Sauces Kit is a great functional gift. It gets the birthday message across, but can also be used to make some yummy BBQ, great for a master griller or someone who likes to entertain. The Over The Hill Golf Balls make a great gift for anyone who loves golf. They come in a clear case so you can either display them or use them for a round. Functional gifts are the best, because they do something. The Tired Old Ass Sampler Pack is a funny way to say Happy Birthday. It comes with all kinds of bath and beauty related products that are acceptable for a woman or a man to use. This all natural gift will re-energize their body while the eucalyptus/lemon scent refreshes their senses.

Looking for a more unique and original gift idea? Check out this new arrival. The Over the Hill Coffin Gag Gift Box Set comes full or real, usable products, with funny names. The anti-wrinkle soap, anti-aging spray and age reversal pills will give everyone a good laugh. Includes other great gag items as well, like prune juice. Also new and improved is the Gag Gifts Basket. This basket is chock full of over the hill items from a photo album and disposable camera to candy and more. Tons of over the hill items assembled for you in one gift for one low price. Also popular is the Over the Hill Cane. Great for helping them up the hill of old age. Makes a great conversation piece. Last but not least, don’t forget about the funny Over the Hill Poems. These poems come framed and can be made as a generic all age poem, a funny 30th birthday poem, a funny 40th birthday poem, a funny 50th birthday poem, a funny 60th birthday poem, or a funny 70th birthday poem. These poems find the humor in aging and at the bottom you can have your own personalized message included.