Having a 30th birthday party? Know someone turning 30 this year? Give a unique present when you buy a 1980 themed gift.

You know that when someone turns 30 years old they get a lot of 30th themed gifts, even over the hill gag gifts, but consider giving a special gift that is less about teasing and more about appreciation. 1980 gifts make a great addition to any 30th birthday event. They contain all kinds of trivia, facts and images from the year that person was born. So when you celebrate this person’s birthday, you also celebrate the year they were born.

1980 gifts to consider are the 1980 DVD and the 1980 CD. The 1980 Birthday DVD is great because it shows images, news clips, movie clips and displays facts and figures for that year. Also has a 1980 music soundtrack when there is no speaking. Relive 1980 by playing this DVD. Let’s the birthday celebrant see what was going on the year they were born. The 1980 Music for 30th Birthday CD has the top 20 music hits from the year they were born. Play this CD and see how many songs they can remember hearing during their youth and then dance the night away to these old, but good music hits. Also makes the perfect soundtrack for a 1980’s themed birthday party!

A 1980 Birthday Trivia Booklet and a 1980 Trivia Card make great 30th birthday gift accents. The 1980 Birthday Greeting Card is small and precise, give as part of a gift or send as birthday card. The larger 1980 Trivia Booklet has more information and facts from that year, as well as color advertisements. Let the birthday guy or gal learn about the time when they were born, and who knows, maybe something important happened the day they were born! (See also the Birthday Newspaper Chronicle)

Looking to have a 1980’s themed birthday party? Then make sure you get the 1980’s Candy Box. It is a cute gift idea, but also great for display purposes at a party, or to be used as party favors. Brings back the 80’s flavor! Also consider a 30th Birthday Frame. This 1980 Frame can hold a baby picture from the year they were born and be proudly displayed at the party. Also makes a thoughtful 30th birthday gift idea.

Turning 30 doesn’t have to be so bad! Celebrate the year and not the age and you’ll end up having a better time!