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Great 50th birthday gift basket for a man

I recently had to help a friend buy a 50th birthday gift for a man (her husband). It was a challenge, because he’s a bit fussy and has a lot of stuff already. However, owning  several internet gift shops helps! I was able to ask her some questions that helped her to narrow things down, so I’ll share them with you:

1) Does he like nostalgic birthday gifts? If so, we recommend 50th birthday gifts such as a 50th birthday gift basket featuring gifts from the year he was born.

2) Does he like funny birthday gifts? Maybe a 50th birthday hat  that says 50! Been there, Done that, can’t remember.

3) Is he a reader? How about a 50th Birthday Book Combo with a DVD from the year he was born?

4) Does he like funny t shirts? Try 50th birthday shirts that say funny things like I’m Not 50, I’m 32 with 18 years experience. He may be in denial about his new age!

Hope these few tips help you find the right 50th birthday gift for a man.

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